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Who Are We?

We are the official fan club of the Cleveland Browns NFL team in Hamburg, Germany. This is a subgroup of one of the largest organized fan clubs in the world and aims to promote positive relationships and camaraderie through the support of the Cleveland Browns. Our club is open for people of all genders, races, and backgrounds to come and share in the experience of Browns Fandom. Whether you're a hardcore fan, an expat missing the Sunday Night Football culture, a newbie who's looking to learn more about American Football, or someone looking for an excuse to grab a beer with some friends on Sunday Nights, this club is for you!

To join, feel free to add yourself our Facebook group, follow our Instagram, or shoot us an email.

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What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

Our purpose is to support the Cleveland Browns and connect the people of Hamburg through Browns Fandom. During the NFL season (August-February), we follow the Browns schedule and organize watch parties at bars for games that occur during opening hours or member residences for games affected by the time change. In the off-season (March-July), we continue to meet to discuss events such as the Combine, the Draft, or to teach new members about rules of the game.

Our Co-Presidents:

This club was founded by Murray Seabrook and Vanessa Eastwood. Both are American expats living in Hamburg and are certain that *this year* will be the year the Browns make it to the Super Bowl. Murray is a sports statistics enthusiast who was attracted to the Browns by their unique ability to lose every game. Vanessa is a native Ohioan who successfully avoided being a Browns fan for many years until she finally succumbed to the fandom. They both enjoy beer, football, and long walks on the banks of the Cuyahoga.

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